Best Types of Scuba Masks


If you are new to scuba diving, you will probably be looking to purchase the necessary equipment to pursue your new hobby, and part of that involves choosing a scuba diving mask. Although it may sound simple to select a scuba mask, in fact there are several different varieties of scuba mask which can make it more challenging to come to a final decision. Here is a description of the main types and the best scuba masks available in stores today.

Single Pane Lens Mask

The single pane lens mask is a traditional style which features a single lens to the front of the mask and a side lens on each side of the face. Although the side lenses are not particularly useful for seeing through, they do allow light to pass into the mask improving your visibility and enable you to detect movement while diving. This a popular and common style of mask among many divers.

Double Pane Lens Mask

As you may expect from the name, a double pane lens mask features two lenses at the front of the mas – one for each eye. This means that there is a separation in the center of your face which can limit your visibility somewhat while under water. This type of mask also features side lenses just like the single pane lens mask.

No Purge Masks

Available in both single or double pane lens masks, the no purge mask is most common among divers. This variety of scuba mask has an entirely closed nose piece that has no opening for purging water.

Purge Masks

Although these are less common than no purge masks, they are popular with divers who wish to clear water from their mask while under water. This kind of mask features a valve on the bottom of the nose piece which allows divers to remove excess water from their mask simply by breathing out into the nose piece. There are some known problems with this kind of mask in that sometimes water will spontaneously begin to come through the valve in the nose, resulting in divers constantly struggling to remove water from the mask while diving. This type of mask also sometimes causes problems because of the rigid nature of the nose which prevents divers from being able to squeeze it properly and therefore there can sometimes be problems when it comes to equalizing.

Full Face Scuba Dive Masks

The full face scuba dive mask is relatively rare and is generally only found in use by professional scuba divers. In this type of mask, the face is entirely covered which completely seals out any water. The mouthpiece is actually built into this type of mask which allows the diver to breathe while under water.

Samuel over at outdoor swim advises that the type of scuba mask that you choose will depend on your own personal preference and also the shape of your face. It is advisable to try a few different ones before making a final choice in order to ensure comfort and practicality of use.